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Antifreeze Rovers British Standard Red

Rovers British Standard Red is last generation high-quality carboxylated antifreeze used as a coolant for all types of engines including motors with aluminum and grey iron motor blocks. Antifreeze carboxylated basis provides point protection against corrosion and prevents systen over-heating and freezing, even if the engine is operated even in full-load conditions. Safe for plastics, rubber and lacquers. Nitrate-free, amine-free, phosphate-free, borate-free, and silicate-free.

How to use: Flush out cooling system if needed, eliminate leaking. As a refill use antifreeze with VW TL774 D (G12) standard. While refilling check antifreeze concentration in radiator with a test device.

Worked out according to the regulations: ASTM D 3306, SAE J1034, BS 6580, JIS 2234, AFNOR NFR 15-601, FWHEFTR 443, CUNA NC956-16, ONORM V5123.

Recommendations: MAN 324-SNF; MB 325.3; DAF 74002, Ford WSS-M97B44-D; GM-Chevrolet/GM-Opel/GM-Saab: GM 6277M; VW TL 774-D/F (G-12/G-12+); Rover; MAN B&W list 3.3.7; Mazda MEZ MN 121D; Land Rover; Volvo 128 6083/002; Renault Cars/Trucks 41-01-001/-Type D; Toyota TSK 26016; Honda HES D 2009-75; Fiat/Lancia NC 956-16.